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Color Management

print quality assurance team is the best in the business. Our eagle-eye perfectionists have experience in all ranges of printing techniques. We ensure your job looks exactly as you expect and meets your design and brand standards.

​• Printer Audits

• Press Checks

​• Brand Quality Assurance Programs

​• Print Specification Development

​• Color, substrate, Print Quality Guidelines

​• Printer Training / Troubleshooting​

​• Print Quality Management 

​• Printer Consolidation and Certification 

​• Digital, Flexo, Gravure and Offset

​• Extended Color Gamut

​• Specialized Substrates

Epson Inkjet Contract Proofing

Asset Management

We have the systems to manage, organize and house all of your projects and brand assets in one secure location with an experienced project manager. Our conscientious team will be there to find what you need and get it where it needs to go, sending timely emails to keep your project moving. 

• User specific screens and security

​• Online collaboration and quality assurance 

​• Tracking of process metrics for projects

• Collaboration 

​• Progress tracking

​• Submit elements at any time

​• Remote proofing and approvals

• Task-based approval workflow

• Content sharing and collaboration

• History and audit trail

• Smart Review

Online Support

Mind's Eye Group excels at providing insulation from printing issues that may impact the productivity of your print facility and managed print services customers. With two well-equipped facilities in Atlanta and St. Louis, alongside a network of partnered sites, we offer comprehensive printing services to meet diverse needs. Our cross-trained personnel ensure seamless operations during workload peaks, guaranteeing transparency for our customers even during personnel changes. We leverage our extensive industry experience to equip our sites with the most reliable and advanced technology available.

Seamless operations

​•  Dedicated MEG partner assistance

​• Enhanced productivity and synergy

Comprehensive print services

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